Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ethnographic landscapes.

From my home town of NYC I can hop on a bus that departs the NYC Chinatown going off to the Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington DC Chinatowns. This is a pretty unique way to link similar cultural landscapes together while conquering a topographic distance.
While I realize that in most towns and cities there are other Chinatowns, "Little Italy's", and strong Irish pride districts, I am not aware of any other ethnographic landscape that is linked together by a bus. Returning from Boston I have a new appreciation for the various Chinatown heritage interpretations there are along the Eastern seaboard.
I will be going on a studio field trip, at the end of the week, to Toronto Canada and I have been told that there is a Chinatown there as well. I am hoping if time permits it, to view the Toronto Chinatown landscape with the intention of comparing and contrasting the Chinatowns in Boston and NYC.

The trip out to Toronto, while very informative, was on too rigid a time schedule to have any daylight hours to sight see. So, I guess this thought will have to be put on the back shelf for now!

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