Tuesday, March 1, 2011

thinking in systems.

This years studio focuses on regional foodshed design. As you might imagine looking at a foodshed is daunting so the the studio is broken down into groups to focus in on specific scales which a foodshed operates on. My contribution to this project is documented in the following blog posts

The first project of the semester focused on the idea of a system being the concept for design. I was paired with an MLA who has an undergraduate in marketing; the idea that came to this person was having a composting unit that could be on a kitchen counter. Through brainstorming with one another, we decided on what we call the Kitchen Companion.
It is a composting unit that is coupled with two planter boxes that can grow three different types of vegetables, that you would harvest after a growing season, cook in a dinner and and then place the waste in the counter top compost unit. Over time the soil would be changed out with the compost material of your leftovers from the meals you prepare.

The scale that is not represented is the macro scale. This scale would start to represent the community around the kitchen companion. Some of these factors are the trucks and infrastructure that process the food, the delivery of food from the farm to the distributor, and how the consumer decides to get to the supermarket.

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