Tuesday, March 1, 2011

a more holistic view.

For the next scale of the project the studio collaborated with graduate architecture students over at Syracuse University. The studio professors divided 27 students into five groups and collectively as individual groups we had to decide on an issue that affects the Central New York Market (CNYM). Through a lot of brainstorming we ended up deciding to look at the factors that make a market a market. Issues that others focused on were the flows of information and transportation.
Factors that I looked at, and represented in the accompanying images, were identifying where the major aquifers and geologic deposits are in CNY this is a step to better understand what crops could be grown in the region to eventually expand the agricultural base. Then I identified the other
year round food markets in other counties and finally did a graphic looking at what counties
the CNYM would be serving.

The above graphic looks at what the average Syracuse resident annually spends on groceries. The weekly total was taken from my weekly grocery receipts and did some math to figure out yearly totals for various population scales. A missing metric to this graphic is that the average person in the USA consumes  440 lbs of food a year.
The graphic with the dark grey background looks at the number of farms operating in NYS and how much food, in terms of dollars, they produce in a growing season.

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