Wednesday, March 9, 2011

what's abroad?

At the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry a component of the Bachelors of Landscape Architecture program is a mandatory fifth year of college that puts you out into the world with the skills you have been taught over the previous four years of landscape architecture classes. During the the two semesters that make up the fourth year you write a proposal that involves a topic for you to study over a semester in a foreign country. Providing you can get enough students and a professor as an advisor you can essentially go anywhere in the world. I had suggested and was fortunate enough to find nine students and two advisors to study various topics in Copenhagen, Denmark. The advisor plays a large role in the fourth year by helping us to focus on independent  study topics, and during the fifth year semester steps way back and other than letters home visits the group once during the fifth week while we are abroad.
The topic that I chose to focus on were theories proposed by the situationist, a European art group who were involved in student and worker protests during the 1970's. Besides stirring up society they proposed ways to redesign and re-invision the urban fabric. Certain theories I focused on were the Derive, Psychological-Geography and Unitary Urbanism.

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