Sunday, March 6, 2011

stuck in the middle with you.


One community that I chose to focus on was the Amager Faelled Kolonihave, the red. These allotments in particular have been relocated once and has had new infrastructure, the yellow introduced around it. I first thought that the residents would have protested and fought back against these new developments but through an interview I found out that they had a very nonchalant attitude surrounding their situation. The resident I talked to said that it wasn't issue for them that they had to move to make room for a preschool or to have the metro right across the street from them. I asked her how she felt all of this happening around her. She said that once she enters the kolonihave gates it brings her back to, what I interpreted through gesters, as her serene center. She said that it only helps her to focus harder on her tending her gardens.
As a side note I searched through the Copenhagen Post and found an article that mentioned an Aarhaus allotment community that was moved 40 meters in 1933 to make way for an extension of local zoo.

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